Giant Panda News: What Happened to Pandas Worldwide in August 2020

What are the latest news about the adorable giant pandas? Are there interesting things happened to them recently? Read to know the top stories about giant pandas in August.

Aug 5, Shanghai – Giant Panda Jiajia Celebrates 8th Birthday

On August 5, giant panda Jiajia celebrated her eighth birthday in Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The park has prepared a special birthday cake for Jiajia and also launched a naming campaign for her male cub who are 10 months old.

Jiajia is the offspring of Huamei, the first giant panda that was returned from foreign countries. Jiajia’s son was born in last October, and currently weighs over 36 kilometers. He is learning to chew bamboo shoots and leaves like his mother, and sometimes he will even be a troublemaker, snatching food from his mother’s mouth and biting her ears on purpose when she is eating.

Panda Jiajia is tasting her delicous birthday cake.

*Editor’s words: giant panda’s food is mostly made up of bamboos, and also contains a part of fruits and vegetables. They will spend most of the time eating and sleeping. Read more about panda’s diet fact

Aug 14, Dutch – Baby Panda Born in Dutch Zoo Named after Van Gogh

The baby panda born in Dutch Ouwehands Zoo was officially named “Fan Xing” on August 14. In the zoo’s online naming poll for the cub, “Fan Xing” won out of five names.

The name “Fan” is derived from Van Gogh, which represents the birthplace of the panda in the Netherlands, and also describes the lush vegetation, implying vitality. “Xing” (means star in Chinese) is the surname of the panda’s father, Xing Ya, which means hope and direction, and also reminds us of Van Gogh’s works on the starry sky.

Tourists are taking photos of Panda Fanxing in Dutch Ouwehands Zoo.

“Fan Xing” was born on May 1 this year, and is still living with its mother in the delivery room. The sex of the baby is not yet known, but it is expected to meet the public for the first time in October.  

Aug 16, Chongqing – World’s Oldest Captive Giant Panda Celebrates 38th Birthday

The world’s oldest existing captive giant panda “Xinxing” celebrates her 38th birthday this year, whose age equivalent to the human age of 110 years – 140 years. The Chongqing Zoo held a birthday party for her on 16th, and made a cake together with panda fans attending the party. Panda “Xinxing” is currently in good health, and has bred a total of eight litters of 10 offspring.

The oldest captive panda Xinxing looks healthy at her 38 years old.

*Editor’s words: Among the giant pandas in the world, there are less than 30 pandas over 30 years of age, and the number of pandas over 30 years of age in existence is also limited. Generally speaking, a giant panda’s age of 1 year is roughly equivalent to a human’s age of 3-4 years. Read more about facts about pandas

Aug 19, Chengdu – Giant Panda “Zhima” Selected as Chengdu Universiade Mascot

On the morning of August 19, the naming ceremony of the 31st World University Games mascot – “Rongbao” was launched. After a global vote, “Zhima” (meaning sesame), the panda from Chengdu Panda Base, became the prototype of mascot “Rongbao”.

Panda Zhima from Chengdu Panda Base is eating bamboos.

“Zhima” is 3 years old, and the little black spots around his mouth look like he just ate sesame seeds without wiping his mouth. Being a childish and adorable happy-go-lucky panda, “Zhima” looks similar to the announced cartoon version of “Rongbao”. Thus he beat other three giant panda candidates to finally win the vote.

Aug 21, Washington – Senior Giant Panda “Meixiang” Gives Birth Successfully

“Meixiang”, from Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, has given a birth to a cub in the local time of 6:35 pm, 21th. This 22-year-old female panda is attentively taking care of her baby, whose sex is yet unknown, said the zoo. And now the zoo has started monitoring the mother and baby 24/7, and one can watch them on the zoo’s panda cams.

Cams shows the panda “Meixiang” giving birth to her baby.

Generally, the average life expectancy of giant pandas is about 25 years. The Zoo announced that the 22-year-old “Meixiang” became the oldest panda to give birth to a cub in the United States. It is a “miracle”, because the probability of giving birth at her age is less than 1%.

“Mei Xiang” began her travel to the United States in 2000, and has gave birth to three other pandas, Taishan (now 15 years old), “Baobao” (7 years old) and “Beibei” (5 years old), all of which have returned to China.

August 30, Germany – Giant Panda Twins “Mengyuan” & “Mengxiang” Celebrate Their First Birthday

The giant panda twins “Mengyuan” and “Mengxiang” at Berlin Zoo celebrated their first birthday before the end of this month. They are the first pair of pandas to be born in Germany. Their mother, “Mengmeng”, came to Germany in 2017 and gave birth to the adorable twins last year. The twins will live in Germany for two-four years before return to China.

Panda twins “Mengyuan” and “Mengxiang” play together.

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