Panda Travel

Where to see the giant panda?

There are 27 zoos in 21 countries outside China that have giant pandas (till 2019).

Of course, if you want to see pandas, it’s best to head to China. In southwestern China, in the middle of the Sichuan basin, Chengdu, the home of the giant panda, has three panda bases in total.

Here, you’ll not only get to see more than a dozen adult pandas at once but also have the chance to see baby pandas at different stages of growth, which you won’t be able to see in any other zoo.

When is the best time to see the giant panda?

When you’re planning your visit to the panda base, be sure to get up early as pandas are most active in the morning.

In the morning, you can see pandas eating bamboo and playing, while in the afternoon, you may only see pandas that are snoring.

If it’s a hot summer day, the pandas will return to their enclosures with air conditioning in the afternoon and you may not see anything.