Panda Zoos

How many zoos that have pandas in the world? Where can I see pandas in my country? Can I only go to China to see lovely pandas?

For panda fans around the world, we have the most complete list of panda parks for you. Here you can not only see zoos around the world with pandas. You can also see which city zoos in China where you can see pandas.

Panda Zoos in the World (Exclude China)

Till 2019, there are 26 zoos in 20 countries that have giant pandas.

The United States has three zoos with giant pandas, namely the national zoo, zoo Atlanta, and the Memphis zoo. In Mexico, there are two pandas in Chapultepec Zoo.

In Russia, there are two pandas, one male and one female, in Moscow Zoo since 2019.

The only pair of giant pandas in Australia is living in Adelaide Zoo in the city of Adelaide.

In Europe, there are eight countries in Europe that have pandas in their zoos, namelyFrance, Belgium, Scotland, Austria, Finland, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

CountryZoo (Number of Pandas)
AustriaTiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo (6)
BelgiumPairi Daiza (5)
DenmarkCopenhagen Zoo (2)
FranceZoo Parc de Beauval (2)
FinlandÄhtäri Zoo (2)
NetherlandsOuwehands Dierenpark (2)
ScotlandEdinburgh Zoo (2)
SpainZoo Aquarium (5)

In Asia, except for China, there are six zoos in six countries with giant pandas.

CountryZoo (Number of Pandas)
IndonesiaTaman Safari Indonesia (2)
JapanUeno Zoo(1)
MalaysiaNegara Zoo (2)
SingaporeRiver Safari(2)
South KoreaÄhtäri Zoo (2)
NetherlandsOuwehands Dierenpark (2)
ThailandZoo Aquarium (5)
SpainZoo Aquarium (5)

Panda zoos in China

If you don’t have a panda zoo in your hometown, or if you want to see pandas living in a more natural environment, then you can come to China, especially Chengdu city, the hometown of Giant Pandas.

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, is the best place to see giant pandas among all the cities in china. Besides the world-famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, you can also see pandas in Chengdu Zoo.

Around Chengdu downtown, there are also panda bases where you can see the giant panda living in the more natural way, such as the panda valley in Dujiangyan, the panda base in bifengxia, and the panda base in Wolong.

ZooLocationNumber of Panda
Chengdu Research Base
of Giant Panda Breeding
ChengduAbout 179
Chengdu ZooChengdu4
Dujiangyan Panda Valley Dujiangyan City About 10
Dujiangyan Panda BaseDujiangyan City37
Bifengxia Panda ReserveYa’an CityMore than 50
Wolong Panda ReserveWenchuan County, Aba Prefecture33

Besides, there are about 68 zoos in other cities of china with about 475 pandas in total. Also, there are 4 pandas in Hong Kong Ocean Park and 4 pandas in Shek Pai Wan Country Park, Macao, and 3 pandas in Taipei Zoo, Taiwan.

CityZooNumber of Pandas
AnyangAnyang People’s Park2
BeijingBeijing Zoo9
ChangchunJilin Siberian Tiger Park2
ChangshaChangsha Ecological Garden6
ChangzhouTianmu Lake Nanshan Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot4
ChangzhouYancheng Wildlife Park2
ChongqingChongqing Zoo9
DalianDalian Forest Zoo3
DezhouDezhou Zoological and Botanical Garden2
ErdosErdos Wildlife Park2
FuzhouFuzhou Panda World6
GanzhouGanzhou Forest Zoo2
GuangzhouChanglong Wildlife Park 13
GuangzhouGuangzhou Zoo2
Guilin Guilin Qixing Park2
Hangzhou Hangzhou Zoo4
Hangzhou Hangzhou Wildlife Park 2
Hanzhong Foping Panda Valley2
Hefei Hefei Wildlife Park 1
Huangshan Xiuning Panda Park1
Huzhou Anji Bamboo Expo Garden 4
Huzhou Xiazhu Lake National Wetland Park2
Jinan Jinan Zoo 2
Kunming Yunnan Wildlife Park 2
Lanzhou Lanzhou Zoo 1
Linyi Linyi Zoological and Botanical Garden 2
Liuzhou Liuzhou Zoo 2
Luoyang Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot2
NanchangNanchang New Zoo1
NanjingNanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo2
Ningbo Ningbo Yage’er Wildlife Park 2
QingdaoQingdao Zoo 2
ShanghaiShanghai Zoo 2
Shanghai Shanghai Wildlife Park 9
Shenzhen Shenzhen Wildlife Park 2
Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang Zoo2
Suzhou Suzhou Taihu National Wetland Park 2
Taiyuan Taiyuan Zoo2
Taizhou Changyu Dongtian Panda House 2
Tianjin Tianjin Zoo1
TianjinTianjin Guanghe Valley Zoo 2
Weifang Weifang Jinbao Park 2
Weihai Liugong Island National Forest Park2
Weihai Xixiakou Safari Park2
Wenzhou Wenzhou Zoo 2
Wuhan Wuhan Zoo1
Wuxi Wuxi Zoo 1
Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park 1
Yabuli Panda House of Yabuli Ski Resort 2
Yancheng Dafeng Zoo 2
Yangzhou Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot (Yangzhou Zoo)1
Zibo Ruyuehu Wetland Park2